If you ever feel lost.

I know that you feel trapped.

I know that you feel like this is all there is and all there will ever be, but it isn’t.

You can do more, you know it, and I know it. You can and you WILL reach your full potential, it’s inside the very fabric of your being because YOU are awesome. This journey whilst it might feel arduous and largely out of place, while it may feel like you are wading in the wrong direction and dangling like a leaf, just know that it is simply the very foundation that you will have later on in life.

This job, will simply be a tale you laugh about over drinks.

This class, will become a distant memory and you won’t even remember what was taught.

That tough breakup will fade away and your heart will heal because you are resilient.

That death will serve to make you a stronger person and you will learn to cherish time.

With every speck of darkness, there is but a small flame that withers. You are that flame, so light up the sky and change the damn world, stop making excuses, you have none. Start doing the things you want to do, because you CAN. Chase your passions, follow your excitement and leave those behind who will only serve as negative energy, who say things like “cant” or “wont” Remember darkness and light cannot reside in the same space.

Every successful person was once a dreamer, so dream often, and dream big, and along the way to your burgeoning success, help a poor fool get his blog recognized.

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