How to come up with a best-selling idea

Short answer; you pray to a god you’re not sure exists, try meditation, throw your nickels into wishing wells, give yoga a shot, sacrifice your first-born for an idea, go to a medium or clairvoyant to find the answers to life, or—you delve into the dark arts and become a disciple of the dark side of the force…oh that’s just me? Well it works.

Step one: Thank you, come again.

Write it down, and email me your idea for consideration. Ill be sure to get back to you…..never.

the best ideas come in your sleep

Real step one: Record, and really pay attention to your dreams.

Purchase a dream journal and record those phantasmagorical dreams of yours. You know, those indelible ones that seem so fantastic, so awesome that they could have only happened in the dream world. Well, lets not leave it behind as your mind fades into reality, write it down. One of your dreams could be the catalyst to a best seller. So far, I have used three dreams as the base idea for my novels and you can too.

Step two: Don’t give up on an idea.

Build on a pre-existing idea, just because it’s in its infancy does not mean that it can’t be a best seller. Work on that idea and flesh it out as much as possible and if you have trouble building the world your book will exist in, go ahead and read my blog about how I build my fantasy world from scratch.


Good, good!

Step three: Use the force 

You are a conduit, stop trying to come up with the greatest idea of all time and let it come to you. Its kind of like the force, let your hatred flow through you my young apprentice. “Yes, Yes. Good. I can feel your power.” – Emperor Palpy

When you expend a lot of energy trying to think of something, you can block the flow of ideas trying to channel to you. One of the greatest singers of all time said, “Just give me a baseline and ill do the rest.” Then we had Billy Jean. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can be the best writer of all time, and I’m damn sure not saying you could be the next MJ, but, you can come up with a great idea.

baby reading a book

Step four: Read other best sellers to help your idea along.

Or you can just read Stephen King in general. A funny thing happens when you read other novels. Subconsciously, your brain starts working and coming up with derivations of that book and maybe weeks, months, hopefully not years later, your wonderful mind regurgitates these ideas to you, probably in the form of a dream. This time however, it will be your own iteration of that book. A lot of great books have come about this way, don’t believe the hype. Lord of the Rings is still the prototype for a lot of fantasy novels. Do you really think Eragon just came out of thin air?

Now I am not advocating copying down Game of Thrones word for word, however, if you feel so inspired to craft an intricate world with magic, dragons, mages and different races that span thousands of years, just keep in mind, its been done before. And whilst it is very welcome, originality is for suckers and suckers taste delicious.

Step five: Clear head-space

As I said earlier, you are a conduit. Stress, doubt, anxiety; all these things work against the flow of ideas. Calm your mind and empty your soul, maybe listen to some classical music or something. If you want a best-selling idea to come to you, again you need to be in the right mental space to receive it.

Step six: Live a little, experience life. Do…things.

Ideas can be divine, but they are triggered and manifested by real life. It is quite possible that in your young, inexperienced life, you haven’t overcome the obstacle that will inspire your best seller, so go out, do things. Get your heart-broken a few times, traverse the landscapes of Europe, get bitten by a vampire. You never know what can inspire an idea. Maybe the sun-setting over Northern Ireland, the icy mountains in Colorado, or my favorite, the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan.

It’s important to keep in mind that when the light-bulb does go off in your mind, make sure to send me an email copy of that idea so I can start writing it.

the best ideas come when you sip wine

Step seven: Become a creature of habit.

In the same way that you can overcome writer’s block, by becoming a creature of habit and allotting time each day to building on your best-selling idea, you will find that not only will the ideas come, but they will flow easier than expected.

Lastly, be positive. Rome wasn’t build in a day. I’m pretty it took years and many slaves to build. So even if you have an idea, it may be in its infancy, give it time and let it breathe. Yes, your idea is like wine and wine also tastes good. While you’re at it, buy some wine, that also helps.


Disclaimer: If you are under the legal drinking age in your country of choice I cannot condone nor will I advise to partake in alcoholic consumption. I felt like I needed to say that.

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