Go to war on your anxiety

Go to war on your anxiety – at first glance it sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, its not. But, it can be very rewarding in the long run. (Shameless plug #1) If you read my other blog on getting rid of anxiety, you’ll know this is an extension of that. If you haven’t, be sure to check it out, because it will give you some incite as to how I got over my anxiety and hopefully help with yours as well.


Putting up a wall of armor            

Anxiety steals everything away from you, your beautiful smile, your carefree zest for life, but most importantly, it takes your personality. You become shielded to the world as you hide behind your mail armor and your mask built of lies. This person that is afraid of everything isn’t you, this façade isn’t real. You are a gladiator my friend, so its time to put up arms and go to war on your anxiety.



Do we really need a scabbard?

Unsheathe your sword                                                                       

Err…you have such a dirty mind, keep your pants on please. Nobody needs to see that.
The first step to going to war on your anxiety is realizing what it took from you in the first place. With me, it stole my freedom. Although slow and insidious at first, before I knew it, I was trapped in my room ordering Chinese food most nights because I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t want anyone to see me because I was ashamed of who I had become.

I want you to stand up and make a sweeping declaration. “I will not let you take anymore from me.” Draw those battle lines in the sand, this is your first battle brave warrior. No longer will you let it leech off you. It stops now!

You have been down in the trenches for far to long, digging deeper and deeper away from the enemy, now it is time to confront them and become legend.






Shameless plus #2! (In case you missed the first one) If you haven’t read my other blog on curing anxiety, now’s the chance. You are going to need all the ammunition possible to take this army of anxiety down i.e. (Talking to therapists, exercising, controlling your thoughts.) Many tales and songs have been told about the army of anxiety, they are an army like nothing you have ever faced. Invisible, indestructible, and they can warp minds. You’re going to need all the help you can get.


Having a support system really helps, so confide in your friends and family or, if you are uncomfortable with that, talk to us regular peasants on WordPress—we love you here as well.


You are in control of your own anxiety. It must acquiesce to your whims. It doesn’t work the other way around, although it may feel like it. Remember, you are a gladiator, and your sword will cut through any anxiety you see—the key is to see it and recognize what is real. So, do not be afraid, because your light will always shine brighter than its darkness.


Batman being ironic

Battle of the fears                                                        

The time has come. Go out and take back what anxiety stole from you. Act like you’re Batman and you just found out that the Joker just came back into town.   “Where is he?”
If you loved going out with your friends, then go out with your friends. If it stole your smile, then dam it, smile! Smile until it feels real. Everything that gives you anxiety—confront it with your armor made of courage and your sword born of truth because you’re Batman, ok, I lied. I’m Batman. You’re just a gladiator.


With every victory on the battlefield you forge your legacy and become the gladiator you were meant to be. The battles will be long and arduous and you may feel a bit of panic and trepidation in your first few, but over time you will overcome every obstacle because you are not alone, your brother’s and sisters have taken up arms as well.


The panels of war have made you strong, I see it in your eyes, now you are ready.


Gladiator, cast your blade into the eternal fires and burn the ridges of your anxiety away with truth. Now you have taken back a bit of yourself, you are almost whole again, but before your internal struggle is over, you must go further, and faster into the darkness. Many have entered the tenebrous tunnels; a mere few have left in tact. But I believe that you can do this, I believe in you gladiator.


Do not fear brave child, this is the coliseum. Here, you will become the strongest version of yourself that has ever existed.


Wait! Before you go inside, let me tell you about the time when I killed my first panic attack. Ugly one-eyed bastard. The slimy bugger came at me and gripped my heart. For a moment I thought it had won, but then I summoned my courage. I urged it to come at me with no remorse. “I dare you, I double dare you!” I yelled. Try as it may, its grimy hands could do no damage to me, so I swung my blade, once twice, three times. Until finally, I cut its head off. I knew its mind games wouldn’t work on me, I knew that I could stop this vile panic attack whenever I wanted to, because my blade was sharp and my shield, impenetrable. And gladiator—so, are, yours.


It was only until I realized that I was in control of my own destiny, I became invulnerable to it and could see it for what it was. Fear.


Now its your turn….

go to war on your anxiety spartan

Back when I was a mere trainee

The Coliseum   – (Where you will go to war on your anxiety once and for all)

Listen carefully to my voice, as it will be the only solace you have in this place. I cannot tell what perils you will find in the coliseum, as anxiety can take the shape of many things, some gladiators see Orcs, others see clowns, but most people see that guy from the old spice commercials. The only way to win is to focus on your movements, to focus on the moment and be the strongest version of yourself every second of every minute you are here because then your sword will cut true and your anxiety will fade. Fear isn’t real, the future does not exist in the present all that matters is now and all you can control is what you do in this very moment. Ready yourself gladiator, and you will succeed.


The crowd will cheer your name and bards across the land will slam their drinks down in adulation as they tell tales of your legend because you did it! You conquered anxiety and ended the war once and for all. You gladiator you.



When you start feeling yourself a bit too much

The Eternal Warrior   (Go to war on anxiety forever)       

Now you are an elegant beacon of light, dodging, weaving and shining through the narrow archways with your grace. You have become fierce like Beyoncé and wise like Yoda. Anxiety has been pushed back beyond the breech and now when ever it spouts its ugly head like a weed, you simply cast it out with your sword.


I have taught you well Gladiator, but now your attention must now shift to other hopefuls who dare to obliterate all anxiety in their wake. With your help our army will grow strong and one-day anxiety’s tyranny will be nothing more than a legend.


I hope you all enjoyed this post about going to war on your anxiety, but more so, that it aids you in your internal conquest to defeat it. As usual, comment, subscribe and share.


Peace and love gladiators.

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