3 things “The Dark Knight” taught me about anxiety

The Caped crusader has taught me a lot of things about life. He’s taught me that, no matter the story, all action movies have two volumes, the whisper “I-can’t-hear-what-the hell-they-are-saying, oh my god turn it up volume.” And the ostentatiously loud, “Boom! Crack! POW! My name is Steven Spielberg volume.” He’s shown me how to make my voice sound guttural and indistinguishable whilst, singlehandedly demonstrating the need for closed caption in movies. That black, has and always will be in fashion and more specifically looks dazzling on a women driving away on a motorbike (also in black.) Thank you Anne Hathaway. And of course, the all-important fact, that he is indeed Batman.

But, most importantly, he taught me a thing or two, or three, about getting rid of anxiety, which I realized after my millionth play through of the epic Christopher Nolan Dark night trilogy.

Let me get ahead of this now, “No, I did not figure out how the Joker got his scars,” stop asking me that.


Worst super power ever….

Become your fears…..

I had an unfortunate childhood and I suppose, now as I creep into adulthood I am still quite unfortunate as my fears are nowhere near as cool as “bats”. Nope, I am terrified of roaches and the occasional spider. Of course, after my pact with the spiders back in 2003 they have since left me alone but, if a roach comes across my path, no mercy. Sure, a few squeals, screams, cries and a can of bug spray waved around erroneously but yeah, no mercy. Lest a cockroach cross my path, it will be world war three in this bitch.

One really cool thing about Batman is that he literally became his fear and he embodied it as he swung about the rooftops at night as the vigilante that Gotham deserved, but not the one they needed. I tried to replicate this in my life and “Roachman” did not have a ring to it. But, the idea is absolutely brilliant. Taking the thing that causes you the most anxiety, facing it head on and making that thing your strength makes you a better person. That weakness once prevalent in your life is gone and now you are also bereft of that source of anxiety. What this also means, is that you will also be less anxious in general as there is now less in the world to be anxious about.


Choose your weapon

Challenge your anxiety

“Do you want to know how I got these scars?”

Now I want to preface what I’m about to say by stating that if the source of your anxiety happens to be a deranged clown hell-bent on watching the world burn and keeping you alive to see it burn with him/her, you may or may not be Batman.

Either way, you should dare your anxiety to surface, so that you can face it. You can’t resolve something that’s buried away in the darkness. You need to face it head on and try to overcome it, only then will you become your own iteration of a superhero. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs (which I will shamelessly plug here) (and here) If you want to get rid of your anxiety you have to go to war on it. If talking to people makes you anxious, talk to more people, if beautiful women in yoga pants render you useless, then go ahead and just watch YouTube videos, the real thing may actually scar you. (Rejection is brutal, particularly when it comes from your crush, but, I digress.) If you are afraid of tarantulas then bathe in a tub of spiders, there’s the added benefit that they might imbue you with powers and then you could don the title of Spiderman (oh that one’s taken?) How about Arachnia guy?


Victory has defeated you!!

Embrace the darkness.

You have to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, learn how to take the good with the bad. Sure, this world has darkness, it has evil and malignancies, but with every inch of darkness, there too, is a light that permeates and penetrates every orifice.

Embrace that part of you that has anxiety, because no matter what, you are human. Without pain, you would never know what joy is, without sorrow and loss, you would never appreciate moments of happiness, so take all of it, the good and the bad and see the world for what it truly is. Perfectly imperfect.

Anne Hathaway - Catwoman

Black does look good on me.

“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask”

We are all wearing suits of armor, hiding behind a chasm of endless threads and mesh. Although we all play the meaningless façade, the truth is, your mask only mitigates your pure genuine self. How can someone actually like you for you, if you are not being authentic day after day?

Hiding yourself away to make others more comfortable doesn’t do you any favors. I know it’s taken years to carefully fabricate your suit, and I’m sure it’s really shiny, beautiful, and you look ten pounds lighter in it but, you have to let go of that.

The truth is, no one actually cares about the type of armor you wear, because it’s what’s underneath that defines you…Bruce.

Thanks again for reading guys, all two of you. Now go ahead and check out my other pages on anxiety and, hell, the other stuff is pretty good too! Have a great week! Ill be back on Monday.

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