How to blog on a time budget

If you are anything like me, you work a full-time job, barely make enough money to pay the bills, and to top it off, when you get home to your pride (Or family if your human) your lioness of a wife bites your head off for dinner. (Just me? Damn it Nylah)

These days, you just don’t have much time to blog, but you still want to connect with the blogosphere and disseminate your awesomeness to the masses like the best kind of virus there is. Don’t worry, your resident nerdy lion is here and I’m going to tell you how to blog on a time budget.

PS – It has nothing to do with Timon and Pumbaa, but if you can afford minions, that would work too.


Once a week, or twice if your fancy

I only post once a week. Of course, if you have enough time go for it, post until your fingers bleed. But, the truth is, if you want to write decent content and post consistently, try for one post a week. It will give you longevity, extra time to think of posts and less pressure every week. The upside is that, if you are lazy like me you don’t have to work as hard.

Just think, now you’ll have all that extra time to read my blog. Or, I suppose something constructive like writing your book.



Conversely, if you have extra time, (I get it, it’s a paradox) then make sure and put yourself ahead. Write blogs for the ensuing weeks, that way, if you do become busy you know, saving the world or something, at least you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your blog is already taken care of and content is still being dished out.

Depending on where you blog, you may be able to schedule future blog publications. Having a completed blog already set up for a the future is a massive relief and will buy you precious time, especially if you cannot come up with brilliant ideas like me every week….my precious…


Idea factory

A lot of bloggers have a tough time coming up with clever ideas that have just the right amount of wit. How do I manage to do this you ask? Well, since you asked so nicely I’ll let you in on my secret.

This stays between you and me….and whoever else reads this.

Every blog post has headers for each individual section. If you look carefully enough at your post, you will see that some of those headers can take a life of its own. Look carefully, maybe there is potential there. In fact, in this blog alone I have three potential future posts that I can write.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then pay attention to your comment section, tons of ideas can spawn from the wit and candor of your audience, because most times they are awesome as well. (Don’t get used to me complimenting you guys)

Lastly, if you don’t have headers, or if no one reads your blog or cares to comment on it (shameless plug to my most popular post ever) then come on down to “rent an idea”, where the ideas are endless and sold dirt cheap. The internet…. I’m talking about the internet. There’s boundless creativity out there, you merely have to look and steal someone else’s. If fact, these days they have idea generators, so now at the click of a button an idea will magically manifest itself from the ether.

Remember kids, half the battle is knowing!

how to blog on a time budget

I write sins not tragedies

I don’t write dissertations (Four score and seven years ago, you started your post)

This one is fairly obvious, but, if you don’t have a lot of time to blog, it might be a good idea to steer away from your burgeoning thesis. Shorten your posts. For the most part there is a safe zone between 1200 -1500 words. So if you find your once cute blog post is beginning to look like Dante’s inferno, abandon hope all ye who enter here.

If you are the one knucklehead who persists that he/she “needs” to have three-thousand word long posts, but decries that they do not have time, split the post into two parts. This way, you can still have your mammoth of a post but now, you can focus on each half of it and perfect them.


Bring your laptop with you

Unless you are a classic writer and swear by candlelight and typewriter, please bring your laptop with you. That way, when the moment is right and those flickering aromatic candles are getting your creative juices flowing, you can make sweet sweet loving to your computer. I’m kidding of course – I think.

If you have “dead time” during the course of your day where you are entirely passive, (i.e. public transportation, airport lobby’s, Starbucks, libraries.) Use this time to your advantage. The average person has anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour each day where they are completely passive. Don’t worry I get all of my numbers from – science.

Utilize your spare time and be productive, I know it