Why I only blog once a week

One of the questions I get from my followers all the time is, “Hey Mr. Lion, why do you only blog once a week? You can’t muster up the stuff maybe two or three times? I thought you were a young lion, not an old one past its prime.”

Ok so, I’ll level with you, no one has ever asked me that, but since we are on the topic now, I might as well steer into the wind…..

Time constraints

I firmly believe that if you have the ability to post quality content every day, you will build an audience quicker than anyone else. However, most of us live in the real world and have a job. With said job, writing a novel, going to the gym, and touching myself, I don’t have enough time to post every day. So until I start posting my poetry, or I learn how to slow the hands of time I will be relegated to weekly content, unless you guys want to support me. (Puts hands out in shame)

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Quality posts

I see a lot of bloggers try to post as often as they can and almost completely forget that quality can’t be rushed. If you want a genuine following, then build it with a great foundation and high quality content. Remember, you want people to actually learn something from your blog and take knowledge away with them as they go about their day. And yes, whilst “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is painfully interesting and gratuitous, it lacks substance.


You see Morty, the Genius waves get hidden by the, uh….Morty waves

Blog once a week means: Better blogging

When you blog once a week, it gives you more time to correct errors, to insert wit, to make each and every post the Rickest (Best) version of itself. (Here come the grammar Nazi’s) And when you do that, it really makes your page shine among the others, and I personally believe you will enjoy writing it a bit more.

One of my favorite bloggers actually posts each and every Wednesday, with her whimsical words of wisdom and guess what? My dumb self will roam her page on that day with a grin on my face looking forward to her well throughout brilliantly written post, because she took the time to write it eloquently and with her own sense of wit and imagination. My friends – that’s what blogging is about. It’s about you, us, me and of course, Dupri.


I can focus on something else, if you know what I mean 😉

I can focus on promoting each post for a week

When you post daily, your audience will learn to come each and every day, therefore traffic will tend to generate itself organically through your posts. When you blog once a week, that will not happen. However, this is like the gift that keeps on giving (And it’s almost Christmas!) because you will have to focus on promoting each blog post. What will inevitably happen, is that you will receive more comments and more likes versus if you posted daily. What this means is, not only will your SEO score be higher due to the amount of engagements, but there little to no trade-off doing it this way as the amount of potential followers will essentially the same. SEO is tough, I get it. But at least now you have another weapon up your sleeve aside from the normal avails of witchcraft, voodoo magic and CrossFit.

That’s right, there’s a method to the madness. My utter, unadulterated laziness.

The genius behind weekly posts, is that due to the higher level of engagements, there is actually a snowball effect, because it is human nature to click on something with a bunch of likes and comments.

Go ahead, I’ll even give you time to think about it. (Jeopardy clock ticks) Times up!!!

If there is a meteor flying through the sky and one person looks up, no one really pays attention, but if you walked by a thousand people looking into the sky, wouldn’t you look up as well? (No?) Ok, I got an even better one. Imagine a guy walking down an empty street. Now imagine that street with a bunch of hot yoga girls bending and stretching. Will he look? Yes. In fact, he might break his neck. It’s your goal to be the hot yoga girl! Breathe and stretch girl, breathe and stretch.
By focusing on promoting your blog week after week, your post will get its chance to shine in the limelight and by god, you might even go viral….hehe, I’m just kidding. The only thing going viral is your cold.

Side note: If you don’t know how to promote your blog