Why starting a blog is actually good for your writing

Like the rest of the blogosphere, you are most likely a writer in some kind of capacity. Blogger, Novelist, Aspiring Author, Poet, Philosoraptor or George RR Martin. Whichever category you happen to fall in, they all seem tethered to the same chord, you end up blogging about it at some point. (Ok, so maybe George doesn’t blog about his dragons in his spare time, but I digress.)


Actually I don’t digress, wouldn’t that be cool?

As you already know, writing a blog is essentially the cure-all for every situation, disease, loneliness and most times it’s the best way to air your emotions and grievances for the entire world to see, you know, if they actually care enough to look. Since I have started this blog, one of the biggest things I have noticed, aside from my meteoric rise to fame and fortune is that it is helping my writing tremendously. (Just to clarify, I still can’t get my wife to read this and I am broke)

How? You may ask, well why don’t you scroll that mouse down a little and I’ll give you the business.


My voice is awesome

Finding your Inner Yoda voice

Everyone has that smooth silky voice inside that sounds like Morgan Freeman on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a beautiful broad by your side. The truth is, most of us have already written in our optimal voice or “Inner Yoda” (as I like to call it) by now.

Your inner Yoda is like a leaf dangling in the wind, it floats, it flitters and boy is it effervescent. When you find it, everything flows. Every word, every sentence – flawless from the get go and you find yourself saying, “Damn, I’m good. Like, really good.” So good in fact, that you question if you actually wrote it, because by god it might be the most amazing thing you have ever read. You begin to say outlandish statements like “Wait, how come I’m not a best seller yet?” “George R who?” And the best one… “William Faulkner, William Shakespeare……Willem Dafoe, it doesn’t matter who it is I’m better than all of them.”

The key, ladies and gentleman — is to ride the leaf until it all falls apart. Ride the leaf my friends.


Leaf me alone

Riding the leaf – Something, I just totally made up.

The best part about blogging is you have unimpeded access to your voice, so you better like what it sounds like. When you write a book, most times you are thinking about how other people will receive your writing. In blogging, you are still concerned with how others receive it, however, you forgo the potential scrutiny of a publisher or an editor reading your work and you write exactly as you intended. (Then again they might be looking right now, well cast your eyes you scoundrels….err I mean gods or goddesses.)
There is a more conversational, natural flow that goes into blogging and you can really let your creativity, or oddities alike, really shine. Prime example – me. I’m a nerdy lion and I like infusing my writing with elements of myself and things I like which make writing and writing authentically very easy.

Blogging allows you the freedom to be who you truly are, you serial killer you. (Aww, who’s a good little killer, who’s a good boy?)

The more you embrace that inner voice the closer you get to finding the zone. Now if you are looking for the exact coordinates to the zone, please look no further than my shameless plug on my blog. 5 ways to find “The Zone” when writing.


You’re welcome.


You actually get to say what’s in your head


For those who are at times socially inept like I can be and have proven through my awkward life, you have this inner monologue going on at all times, kind of like an RPG game. So for example you see a person fall and slip on the ground. Your initial thought is (LMAO that is hilarious) second thought is (Oh my god let me help them) third thought is, (whoa who’s the hottie walking by with the yoga get up.)

In real life I don’t get to embrace the first thought or the inappropriate thoughts inside of my mind, but in the blogosphere, I get to share all of them with you and explain why they might not be so inappropriate. So yes, in a really, really messed up 2017 millennial sort of way, getting to say what’s on your mind actually helps your writing because it helps establish your voice.


writing slump

Words are so difficult to write.

Get you out of that writing slump


Writing is fun, you can build these massive expansive worlds, with magic and fantasy and unbridled action. You can write a poem, a newspaper article or even blog.


Sometimes you might have a bit of an unfortunate issue called writer’s block. Please be sure to get something to clear that up, I hear it’s contagious. (Cough, Cough I hear this is good for it.) Blogging can get you out of that slump because you are free to write about anything you want.


You can ironically and paradoxically write about how you are in a slump and that can be the very thing that takes you out of the slump, I know, I know you’re welcome.
Donations can be made here to the nerdy lion foundation, starting at 1000$ a pop. I’m trying to quit working for a living, so….yeah.



God, George hurry it up.


Concise writing


I find when writing blog posts, I try to steer clear of the 4000 word dissertation. I mean, have you seen those wondrous beasts out there in the blogosphere? Terrifying mammoths. Some speak of the mythical long posts but the truth is, they do exist. Long story short, you want your story short…(Blog, that is). Because of that, you have to condense each point you are making and try to make sure that you are coming across to your audience in a way that they understand what exactly you are saying, therefore you have to be accurate and say what you mean instead of saying what you think sounds good.


The wright words (see what I did there?)


A trap that a lot of writers fall into is the wallowing hole of verbosity. Where, we decide that after devouring a thesaurus we must find a way to use all of these massive condescending words to appear as if we are prolific at our craft, and that is so wrong. Why do we do that? I really don’t know.


My first novel was riddled with these massive words, things like “phantasmagoric,” sounds cool right? But now you have to go look it up and by the time you do that, or if you’re a wizard at inference I might have lost you. (Nobody has time for that) My thing is, unless you are a successful writer with a loyal reader base then you can go full George RR on everyone’s butt, but until then, string together sentences that make sense. And sure, use big words, say things like “visage” and “vagabond” or “luminosity” but use them when it feels right. Don’t just paint red because you learned how to paint in that color, paint it when it will coalesce into a timeless image of perfection, like a ripple in a sea of water.


Blend baby blend.


Trusting you are actually good enough

This one is a bit personal, but I have to say it. I love the blogging community, since my time gracing you all with my presence, I have been met with nothing but nice words and pats on the back. As a lion, I must say it feels good and my ego has been adequately stroked. I suppose that is one of the hidden benefits of blogging, it makes you feel like you are actually good enough. A lot of people, including me, want to write for a living and coming on here, with you guys reading, makes me feel like that is a possibility and I love and respect you all for it.

Ok ok, enough of that mushy stuff.

Go read my blog. Thanks….. Love you. And stuff.


Oh, and Roar.

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