Blogging engagement – and why its not just a one-night stand

Blogging engagement is not just simply the act of getting down on one knee begging, “Please baby please, will you be my first follower?” It’s a relationship! A dalliance that must feel authentic from the first romantic click all the way to the hopeful and most times unlikely mammoth known as – the follow.

This follower is unlike any other. She is a beautiful redhead, recently single, not looking to date but ready to fall in love, and fate has put her locker two down from yours, two lockers down! So, step up or lose out.

Like any other hopeless blogger, you rush to her page, click like, follow, marry (if its available) post a meaningful comment and something magical happens, she responds back! But here’s the kicker – she doesn’t follow you… (Sad face, wonk, wonk, wonk)

On a not so side note: Blogging engagement is just one factor, find out how to get more people to read your blog here and here.  


Nice job!

Reciprocal relationship


Much like friends with benefits, there should be some, tangible, well – benefits. Nothing out-of-pocket of course, unless you are using hands.

You know the drill. Like for like, comment for comment, tit for tat if you will. In any case, it has to go both ways, much like gender fluidity.

Genuine reciprocation should leave both parties happy and satisfied. If not, that just means you didn’t do it right. In the event that you are a savant of pleasure and creative wordplay …. or me. You should be fine, if not, learn fast. Other people are willing to go down (on the comment page) and leave wonderfully exciting words of merriment. You can’t just phone it in with a “nice post!” and expect anyone to put out.


Blogging engagement means, you need to engage. Melt their heart with your meaningful words and really make them feel good about themselves.
You got to work!

Ted-and-wife-how-I-met-your-mother-spinoff blogging engagement

I think you got something in your teeth




This begins the relentless back and forth, the playful banter, the mellifluous soliloquies and yet, all this time she is in the midst of the greatest decision that has ever been made in blogging engagement history.


She’s thinking “I think I like you, I really do. Wait, you like me too? Oh my gosh I think, I think this might be the beginning of something wonderful. He’s a really good-looking Lion and sometimes he says some clever stuff, but is that enough for me to follow him into the jungle for the rest of my life? Am I ready to join the pride and run with the animals in the wild? Am I a free bird like Lynyrd Skynyrd? Should I say yes, to the dress?”

Um, duh, click it. Like now.

No seriously, go now and click follow.

jessica-morty-smith-dreams blogging engagement

I call them, my little morties


Guest blog


Things are beginning to get hot and heavy. She already let you get to first and second base, lord knows she even re-blogged a few of your terrible posts, and now, it’s the high stakes round. But don’t get ahead of yourself you clumsy bastard, if you play your cards right tonight she might let you go all-the-way. And you know what that means……the guest blog!



Whoa..oh..ohhhh.oh.oh.ohhh.ohh.oh.ohoh.whoa oh oh.


If you like it…. you better put a ring on it. Fully committed blogging engagement


So now that she’s whip