3000 followers in 6 months! – The Nerdy Lion Edition

As some of you might know, I have only had this blog for six months. So, the only way I can reconcile three-thousand people following me, is through the utmost careful use of hoodwinking and bamboozling this world has ever seen. That’s right, I’m a clever magician, that’s why I hired Donald Trump to help with my sleight of hand.


Although I’m sure Scarlet Johannsson would have made a great distraction as well.

I’m sure I will detail all of my tricks and tomfoolery so that you too can implement them. Maybe I’ll make it into a movie. Who knows, I doubt anyone will want to watch a feature film debased in treachery, deceit and clear drug usage on your part……Wait…..You are?

Well then—

“Coming soon to a theatre near you…. a blog, like none other, led by a lion who bit off more than he can chew……this May, the movie that is already number one in America (even though it hasn’t come out yet) will….blow…your….mind…..

Fast cars, witchcraft…leprechauns and copious drug usage…from the producers of Inception, the mind of Christopher Nolan….starring Leo DiCaprio….The Nerdy Lion.”
I suppose it would go something like that.

But, I digress….no I don’t.

Seriously guys, I’m not one to highlight any sort of milestone on here and lord knows I still haven’t acknowledged any of my Liebster award nominations (which by this point I have lost count.) Don’t worry I’m cooking up something special for that.

For all of you who decide to read my page and leave me the amazing comments you do, day after day, week after week, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Yet, I’m going to try to right now.

Before I started blogging, I had written two manuscripts for novels that I still want to publish. But the truth is, I didn’t believe in my ability to write. All of you, every single, solitary word of positivity has made me feel like I can do this. To me, the most important thing about writing is believing that you can do it. One of my biggest dreams since I was a kid was to be able to reach people. Whether that was in writing, music or some other creative capacity, I just knew that simple fact. And although I haven’t gotten my books published, I know now that I can and will. But in the meantime, I am reaching people with my writing and that’s a great place to start.

Maybe one day I’ll post some short stories as well as my poetry so you guys can actually see the sorts of things I write about. It’s the least I can do. (If you are curious of course.)

The blogging community is a hidden treasure trove on the internet and no matter how much I think social media is an indictment on society, blogging, is not that. Blogging, especially on WP has been one of the greatest things I have ever done and you are a testament to that. You are all such positively wonderful beings of light beaming down on me, that I cannot help but shine back at you.



So here here to all of you. (Raises glass)

This year, I plan on trying to post more than once a week, but it might not happen for a few months because I like to put a lot of effort into each and every post. So, it may never happen.

Now, I’m going to sporadically list off a few of the wonderful people who comment and follow me and if I miss anyone it’s mainly because of laziness, nothing else.

To make this seem way cooler than it is, play some graduation music in your mind while you read these names. Actually, play the Starwars intro, that’s way better.


Dun-dun-dun dunnnnnnnn, dunnnnnn, dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnn dun-dun-dun

Christy B at Women Inspire

Amanda at Strong Lotus Yogi

Kayla Ann

Jessica Anne at Mountain of Words (one of the best blogs I have ever read.)

Elenathinkslife – she has a private blog, so I couldn’t link it.


Heather at Somewhere in Munich

Doodlepips (it sounded funny, don’t judge me) at A Guy Called Bloke

Sir Charles at Sir Charles the Poet

Mira at Mira Fahlan (The best droid blogger in the business)

Sherif at I am Pharoh Maktuk (he’s taking a break now, but he writes fantastic poetry)

Sarah at Sarah Al-Haddad

A girl (Couldn’t find her name) at My life an online diary

Milly Schmidt – At Milly Schmidt (If you want to see a great blog with a clean theme that will leave you jealous, go check her out. She is without a doubt an upper echelon writer and one of the best bloggers on WP.)

A at in the company of (A)

Kazz at How my dream became a reality

Sarah at Vintage Tea Rose

Last and certainly the grumpiest because of it “Anthony Gorman” at Hands in the Garden



“Cut the music” (Needle scratches record)

Since I have your attention, we will be going back to our regularly scheduled blog-casting on Monday approximately……at some point during the day.

Oh, and I was kidding earlier… I’m no clever magician, just a nerdy lion with thick clumsy paws.

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