Why you shouldn’t tackle agoraphobia and depression alone – like Frodo

By now the scathing heat of the lava dripping from the volcanic ash from mount doom has gotten to you. Your long unexpected journey has brought you here and with it, the most cumbersome ring that has ever existed in Middle-Earth – and Gandalf just “happened” to forgo his magic eagles.


This battle with agoraphobia and depression has left you in tatters. You’re grimy, a bit smelly, extremely sweaty and lord knows your feet are unsightly – mainly because you’re a hobbit. Now you sit atop the mountain, on the very precipice to the rest of your life. Your long arduous journey teeters on your ultimate decision, will you fight the inclination and finally banish the ring and all of its evils from existence forever, or will you embrace the darkness and never let go?


Shame on you, you know how the movie ends – or at least you should.
If by some miracle you haven’t seen Lord of the rings, ill give you the opportunity now to go watch it.

No, seriously go, watch.


Ill catch a grenade for you Mr. Frodo.

Let someone carry the load, like Sam

It can be really easy to give in to the seduction of the ring. The ring is the literal representation of a cool glass of water on the hottest day possible, nay the fires of Mordor burning you away.

Having a Sam to walk around with you is a pretty awesome thing to have, so don’t burden yourself with all of your worries and fears, put them on the shoulders of others and maybe together they can help you lift yourself out of your little hobbit hole you have dug. You know, because you just happen to have a hill in New Zealand that you frequent, for no reason. Unless you are from there.


Shout out to my New Zealander readers…if there are any.


In real life, Sam doesn’t exist. But everyone has a Sam “adjacent” in their lives trying to help them that you haven’t noticed yet. It might be your mom, your friend, that weird kid in class that knows way to much about you, but most times, hes there. If you don’t have a Sam “adjacent,” guess what, you have me and I am always here for you – as well as the rest of WordPress. Never be afraid to unload your fears and worries here. Most of us are nice down to earth folk who are not secretly serial killers. I think.


Little guys move to the front, um, oh wow, they are still way shorter than the other guys, uh, how about you guys kneel or something?

Hobbit holes can get lonely

The Journey is long and dark…its nice to have companions that have walked the same path before.


You already feel alone, dealing with it alone will only leave you feeling – alone, buried deep within a hobbit hole in the ground. Then again, hobbit homes are essentially the definition of comfort and perfection, especially for small people like me. In fact, I would probably trade my current living situation in the wild for a hobbit home.


Sorry, got off track for a bit.

A hole, that’s what you are digging a thick, black tenebrous hole. You need help to get out of the hole. Friends, therapists, other trained individuals, me – seek out information and get the help you need you are not all knowing. Leave that stuff for me. For god sakes, call Gandalf, get some eagles to fly you the rest of the way, the eye of Sauron is tough.


If you are looking for some inspiration, just imagine Gandalf saying “You shall not pass, into the void of agoraphobia.”


Also, check out my literal post on how I cured anxiety, that might help a smidge.


Lebron trying to get his next ring……

Just drop the ring…get rid of agoraphobia

You started this adventure to finally get rid of your agoraphobia, little did you know it would be the greatest adventure in all of English literature – spanning decades, creating a new genre and a new language in the same instance.


You’ve seen it all; from talking trees, to a system of magic and power you can’t possibly comprehend. (Let alone where you fit in) You’ve seen a grey wizard turn white, a giant cat eye that could literally gaze through cloud, deception, shadow, earth and flesh. A Man (a good looking one at that) who united the army of the undead with the army of the living with his famed sword Isildur and made you feel not so short.


But, its time to let it go Frodo, (can I call you Frodo?) Let go of the pain the anguish, the stress of the hobbit lifestyle. Let Gollum chase after the ring into the fiery pits of mount doom. Don’t let agoraphobia be your burden any longer. Its time for you to sail off into the beautiful endless sunset where the skyline and the earth meet – but then come back relaxed and happy like you were on a vacation.


Tears and goosebumps every single time.

My friends, you bow to no one

Yes, you’re a hobbit, sure you look a bit miniature and have messed up feet, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. You’re just short – like me, and much like Frodo, although you might not think you can achieve the unthinkable, you can defeat agoraphobia and save the world of middle earth, you can topple the eye of Sauron and Mount Mordor. I know you can do this, because no matter how small you think you are, or how difficult you might think agoraphobia is to defeat. “My friends, you bow to no one.” So, stand up as tall as your little legs allow and fight back. Now is your time to roar, like a Lion.


Remember, hobbits can be lions too.

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