How to start writing your best-selling novel today

By now I’m sure you have heard of the somewhat cliché “follow your excitement/passions shtick.” The thing is, as long as you don’t follow it off of a cliff, it can be very beneficial, especially you are looking to break into the writing field and write your best-selling novel baby!

Ok, maybe “best-selling novel” is a bit overzealous, but you know what I say, everything tastes better with zeal, even toast. “Extra zeal please good sir.”


I plays ze keys

So, you want to write a best-selling novel?

Your fingers hit the keys faster than Mozart on a Sunday morning hopped up on coffee. The first thing you do is probably search on google, “how to write a novel.” A million of internet hits later, you realize there are thousands of pieces of advice that may or may not work.

Writing is difficult, but it can also be extremely fun and rewarding. Kind of like swimming in the beach. The water is beautiful and refreshing, but then sand gets everywhere. I just want you to focus on the water, not the sand.

Look, you are going to get sandy and that’s ok. But for god sakes people, writing a book is fun, otherwise why would you go through it? It better not be money! I’ll go Liam Neeson on your butt if I ever find out you are simply writing a novel just for money aside from celebrities who – lets face it, can’t get a regular job.


Rest and Ricklaxation

I just find this scene hilarious, it literally has nothing to do with this post..

So, I lied earlier.

Writing is not as difficult as us “writers” want you to believe. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, you too can write with the best of them, but and that’s a huge but, I mean Nicki Minaj size butt. You need to have perseverance and consistency if you want to start and finish a novel. You do not have to study literature, you don’t have to be an English teacher, you just have to have an idea and the will to light the world aflame with your words.

I’m not saying there isn’t a lot of work involved, because there is. Every idea requires a massive mount of research and accuracy, you need to be creative and have satisfactory grammar. But the thing, is you can do it.




You should be this excited over your book, if your not this excited, then sit down and be humble. – Kendrick

What gets you excited about writing this novel?

Ok story time, why don’t you all cuddle up and sit around the fire, the Lion has a good one this time….

When I was but a young Lion trying to find his way within the pride, I would spend many days dreaming about writing a novel, so I roared and growled until one day I had this mystical idea. This one idea manifested itself into something grander than a poem and begged me to make it a reality. More so than the novel, there was this one singular scene that really got my paws wet, I was so excited about it that I actually couldn’t stop thinking about it. I could hear the characters calling me from the veil until eventually it was like a movie replaying in my mind. So, my little paws poked and prodded the keys on my laptop and before long I had the outline of my first chapter and future best-selling novel. (doubtful)

It was like a dirty rock to me at first and I wanted a sea of gold. So, I kept going, I built from that one scene and through talking to my characters and figuring out the plot, I had myself a book, but it all started with that one scene.

Before long I had refined my writing and what was once a dirty grimy rock that I could easily do away with, I noticed etched beneath the surface was the beginning of a diamond, so I continued knocking off the dirt carefully cultivating the shine until it became the most glorious diamond I had ever seen.


“Off a cliff Liv, off of a cliff”


Why following your excitement is important?

Before you start writing a novel, there’s normally a scene that you have in mind that really gets you excited about the entire idea of writing that novel….

Why in the world wouldn’t you start there?

I have nothing against people who want to start chronologically and go from A-Z. But in my humble, lioness opinion, the mind doesn’t always work that way. Your idea might be midway through the novel. Just start there and figure out the rest later, this is about starting the novel. The rest of it is entirely up to you.

Most times though, that one scene will propel itself into another great scene, and another and another. But the key is starting and persevering. Follow your excitement throughout your novel and you will write some of the greatest work you have ever done. You want to find the zone? Well, it’s there,