The Blogging Blogger Award – Will you be my Valentine?

If you are sitting at home on your couch with a nice glass of wine, accompanied by some chunky monkey ice-cream in hand, tears streaming down your face as you wait out the end of another Valentines……errr Galentines day, this one’s for you.

Hey bloggettes and bloggers, are you looking for a Lion to tame you tonight? Well this valentine’s day I’m going to do some smooth reciprocation in the form of nomination. It’s a labor of love baby, and your blog is in my sights.

I’m sure you see the title and wonder to yourself, “what the hell is a blogging blogger award?”

Well, I kind of created it….

As you know, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stranger. That’s me of course, as strange as they come.

When I started this blog 7 months ago, I didn’t even know what a Leibster award was, let alone the other iterations. Either way, I figured I would never get one because who am I but a Lion in sheep’s clothing.

I was wrong of course, because some benevolent soul took mercy on me. Surely, I meant to respond to that original nomination, I had a whole bit about me written out with answers to all the customary questions. And then…something unfathomable happened – I got another one.

Here’s where the problem began, and I say “problem” like a spoiled kid with millions of dollars complaining that his new Ferrari wasn’t in the crimson red that he wanted, no, it was merely cherry. (What a douche) That’s douche by the way not dou-che.

The truth is, I didn’t know what to do, so the weeks went by and I kept getting nominations. I’m not even sure how many there’s been at this point, and it would be far beyond reproach to respond to every single one, so I decided to craft my own bloody award. I did this mainly because I am lazy, but also to show that I’m not a complete donkey’s bottom.

No sir, I’m a Lion of my word. For this award, I’m going to talk about a few things I love and my current (gargantuan, borderline stalker) crushes on a few special bloggers in the community that have stolen my heart for a while now.

Swoon ladies swoon.



What are 10 things you love?


Girls with Tattoos
Anime and all things Japanese
My wife and future daughter
How I met your mother
All things “the matrix” including Keanu Reeves
Playing music


What are you most passionate about?

I am a strange Lion because I am passionate about three things…
Fitness: I live and breathe health and fitness, its been like that my entire life, I have actually competed on more than one occasion and I really should be a fitness trainer but alas, I have been too lazy to get certified.

Creating: I say “creating” because I don’t want to limit it to simply writing, although I do that a lot. I love whatever comes out of my mind, whether that be art, poetry, music, stories, blogs. It’s all tethered to the same chord and it feels good to do every single time.

Gaming: I know, “How can you be passionate about gaming?” When you do something for hours a day and you spend a lot of your free time learning more about it without earning any sort of income, but you receive sheer unadulterated excitement from it, what else could it be?


What’s your definition of love? (Baby don’t hurt me)


I believe love is eternal, that love changes and fluxes with time. Love is not something that simply disappears like a thief in the night, it’s something that endures lifetimes and holds you up when your down. Love is the water breaking into waves, it’s the kiss of the sun in the morning, the very jubilation of a run completed and the very thing that makes this world go around. I feel that way about my wife and I know I will feel it forever.


Who are some bloggers that have shown you love?


A Life Remastered
My Life is an online Diary
The Weary Wonderer of Life
Stories from an Eclectic Mind



Who are your current blogging crushes?


Crush level: Crushing it.

Stole my heart the minute I read a blog post written by her. I call her Ariel, although that’s definitely not her name. Check her out at The Little Mermaid

Crush level: Cupid’s arrows sting.

She might come off like a crazy cat lady and that probably why we get along. I am just an oversized cat after all. Oh and she runs a fantastic blog, maybe the best I have seen. Check out Milly at Milly Schmidt

Crush level: Deep chocolate intoxication.

A fantastic writer and one of the first people who read my blog and even commented on it, although her blog was much bigger than mine. Check out Kayla at Kayla Ann

Crush level: Yodaone for me.

I just love her and her hobbit feet. She’s a great writer and writes wonderfully strange poetry (which makes it better). Check out Mira at Me Myself & Mind the writer kind


Why I love the blogging community

You are all such wonderful creatures of light that really make being human worth it. Sometimes when I lose faith in humanity, you restore it, but it’s so much more than that. We help one another when we are down, we support each other with each post and endeavour and for that, I love you.


I’m proud to be a blogger and that is because of all of you.


Love is something that us humans do best and its something we need to do more of. I love every single one of you reading this (aka the two of you). My loyal two followers have my heart and soul. I do this for you guys.


Please come back.

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