8 ways to constantly generate blog post ideas

In the blogosphere at large, you see these prolific writers, who drudge up these absolutely masterful, yet brilliantly creative works of art day after day. Sometimes, they are annoying enough where you receive a post notification email more than twice a day. “This guy…again?” You mumble. Because let’s be honest, ideas are tough to come by and that person never was and will never be you.

No, if I held a sign saying “ideas for sale.” You might be first in line. (Maybe I should start selling.)

Ok, I suppose I could sell for over 9000$. (Kidding) For now, all my advice is free, so enjoy this premium content now, before I sell out. (also kidding)

Finding the time to write a blog post is tough as it is, but my god, coming up with equally awesome mind-blowing Keanu reeves level of perfection is damned near impossible. So how do I do it week after week? Let’s find out.

Spoiler alert: It’s because I’m awesome.


searching for ideas out in the seas

Where is this idea going to come from?

Write high-end quality content. (Headlines)

When you write content infused with a heightened amount of detail and quality, each header (if done right) should be able to take on a life of its own. Headers are merely a microcosm of the main idea at hand. So, if it is a cogent, well thought out concept, your headers will follow suit. One of my own personal tests of proficiency, is to parse through my article and see if each header could stand on its own shoulders. Go ahead, try it, simply add the words “why you should” to any header on this post and I guarantee you could make a post about it in itself.

This is a great tool to use because it gives you an opportunity to shine a light on a topic that your original post couldn’t. It also gives you a built-in synopsis, so that when you actually write your post, there’s already an outline in place. Besides that, it can yield countless ideas and is highly time efficient.

I’d like to think I am a pioneer for coming up with this one, that I sailed the seven seas looking for this very solution to an age-old problem, but that’s not true. For it was serendipity, and an absurd amount of laziness that allowed me to stumble upon this.

But luckily, I did. So – you’re welcome.

comments and ideas

So….sex tonight?

Read comments and make comments.

Reading comments is integral to coming up with your own ideas. Sure, your audience for the most part comprises of your mom and that weird guy in the back of class, but from time to time you will have a beautiful unicorn with long flowing hair make the most fantastic comments that really make you think. Read these comments. Better yet, respond! Sometimes comments can help you think about a new post, or better yet, your subscribers will flat-out suggest it.

I know you think its hip to ignore your comments, but who are we kidding, your audience is the best part about your blog, so respond back to them and create a dialogue. Most times your audience is more creative that you are, so listen!

If no one is reading your blog and leaving comments, then A. Read my post, “why no one is reading your blog.” And B. Read comments on other successful bloggers pages if life has dealt you a terrible hand like me.

Rick and Morty pilot

Rick and morty is always a great idea

Read other blogs for ideas

There are so many great blogs in the blogosphere (hopefully mine included) that if you pay attention and take some notes – you might get some clever ideas for your own posts. No this is not stealing, I checked with the blogging authority. It’s safe

I once read an article about blogger engagement by the little mermaid and it gave me a great idea for my own post. After reading, I thought it clever to analogize blogger engagement to an actual relationship. (Genius, right?)

And whilst my take on blogger engagement delved into the supernatural and all things Rick and Morty, it was mine. Just because something has already been written about, that doesn’t mean the story is finished. Your prospective is valuable as well. In fact, you might be able to connect with an audience in a different way and shed a light on a subject that wasn’t shown before. So, write that article, your voice matters.

Yes, yes yes….you can check out my post here. Don’t beg.

ideas a plenty

Create an idea bank.

Penny for your thoughts? (You know you thought it)

You save your money in a bank, why not save your ideas? Even your terrible ideas that you secretly cringe at in your alone time. At some point, that deplorable idea you shudder at might become a great idea that could potentially save the world! If not, it can, at the very least, buy you some precious time to come up with another unique idea or to finish a post.

Storing away ideas for later is always a great thing to do, especially if you have a terrible memory. The trick is to always have a way of recording an idea when the magic strikes, which is typically always on the can. I use my cellphone and I keep all of my personal notes there temporarily, until I can put them on my laptop.

Just think, you don’t want to be the guy who discovers the cure for cancer and just – forgets it.

gollum-one ring

My preciousssss…idea. A novel by Gollum.

Focus on your niche and helping people fulfill their goals.

As you might have guessed, aside from being the purveyor of the almighty bat cave, I am also a writer. Due to my experiences as a writer, I understand that from the inception of an idea to the completion of a manuscript, hell – even the submission of a manuscript, there is a lot of things that go into completing a novel. So, when you post articles, think about obstacles that made things difficult for you and how you can help people by using that prior knowledge you have attained. Or, you could be a huge donkey’s “you know what” and keep it all to yourself like Smeagle. (God you’re the worst.)

In my oh so nerdy opinion, blogging is about helping others, so it only makes sense that your ideas should be tethered to helping other people and improving their way of life. Aspire to do that and ideas will come much easier.

animated girl with ideas flying around her head

Why is there so many emoticons?

Ask yourself a few questions

If you are troubling yourself for ideas, you might not know the reason you are blogging. So, take some time and ask yourself. “Why am I doing this?” If your answer is, “Show me the money Jerry, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!” Then, you might be lost. Find out why you want to blog and focus on that. As with life, once you hone in on exactly what you want to do, not only will you spend more time on it, but you will exponentially get better at it.

Writing about topics that you are passionate about always inspires more ideas for the future. So, clarify your blog and make sure that your intentions are pure with it. Genuine intent is the first step to having a great idea. Once you know “why” you are doing something and “what” you want from it, only then will you find the success you are looking for.


My tweets are the best, the greatest of all time. No one tweets like me.

Pay attention and respond to the world

Along with other blogs and social media, pay attention to the world and all of the things that happen on a daily basis. You might stumble upon an article that you completely abhor, so write a rebuttal. Respond to things that get your knickers particularly in a twist. Not only does that make for an uncomfortable wedgie, but it also invites compelling writing. If you need any sort of motivation in this arena, might I show you exhibit A. “Donald Trumps twitter feed.”

sell your soul for ideas and success

“The devils in the details” © danomyte

Selling your soul for ideas

Short of that, if you are willing to sell your soul to the blogging overlords, you can literally google, “blog post ideas” and have it all given to you on a silver plater….but that’s no fun. Don’t you want to come up with extremely creative ideas yourself?



If you guys have great ideas you want to add, please leave them in the comment section below. Happy Monday.

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