The Chronicles of Pinterest : The search for blog views

There once was a Lion a wizard and a wardrobe who lived in the magical land of Narnia. If you don’t know the story, the wizard told the Lion about a secret place called Pinterest where you could get exponential growth to your blog with the right pinning strategy. The Lion roared with laughter and said “exponential growth? Are you sure you’re not talking about my taxes this year?” The wizard marauded his wand around and cast a spell of magical fire in the distance. As the fire cackled behind him he looked back at the Lion and said. “This…is no laughing matter.”

When I first started my blog I just simply wrote blog posts that tickled mine and many others fancies. That’s – exactly what it sounds like. If you like your butt tickled this blog is for you. I never dreamed that the intricacies of blogging ran deeper than simply posting and boy does it run deep.

It’s not enough to write the greatest post of all time, you then have to follow it up with a gratuitous amount of promotion, blogger engagements, healthy amounts of SEO and well – prayer.

Soon after, I learned about the sorcery that is Pinterest. The little birds would flap their wings and say outlandish things like “But Lion, I get 1000 pageviews a day from Pinterest alone.” Newsflash…I was getting zero and I really didn’t care.

As with most things in my life I took the lazier-faire approach and sauntered over to Pinterest to begin my journey to the dark side of the force. The thing was, it was not as quick and seductive as I thought. There is a lot more to pinning than these little birdies sing.

So, this Nerdy Lion tried…. with his thick paws and long mane too. A few months ago, I had zero referral Pinterest views, this week alone I had over 9000!!!!! (Kidding, it was only 100.) Now, according to the lords of blogging, that’s terrible. But to me, that’s exponential growth baby. Besides, I am still figuring out Pinterest and learning how to create my own pins.

Prior to ignoring my Pinterest for the last 7 years I only had a grand total of 5 followers – so what do you expect? (Totally unrelated, but click here to follow me.)

After a few weeks of creating boards, joining group boards and water boarding, things are beginning to look up. Sure, I’ve been pinning like I’m at a meet and greet, but now I’m at 200 followers, which again is amazing to me. Will I ever get a million views in a week and lord over the rest of the blogging community as some entity or gatekeeper of views – probably not. But, if I can get some extra exposure for free and reach more people, fantastic.

Pinterest is a pretty great way to get your stuff out there, it’s just the “figuring out how” part that’s tough. But once you do, boy watch out. The potential is there people. And think, the more people who save your pin, the more people what will see not only your pin, but potentially your blog. And this will continue in perpetuity, or until the robots overcome humanity in an uprising….

So, can you drive more views to your blog by switching to Pinterest?


Can you save more money by switching to Geico?

Is Pinterest as easy as other bloggers would like you to believe, that literally all of your hopes and dreams are just a mere 3 clicks away? Hell no. But, it is something that you can definitely work towards and at the very least revive old posts and keep your blog alive. Who knows? One day in a galaxy far far away Pinterest might just be the reason your blog goes viral, so don’t completely shut it out. (although that is unlikely)

For now, I will continue my slow arduous grind into the annals of Pinterest lore as the Lion that Pinterest deserves, but not the one it needs right now. And for your blogging entertainment, I will chronicle every detail of my inevitable rise to infamy and glory and of course, I will show you how I did it, or lack thereof. (Most likely lack thereof.)

If I fail and crash into the depths of Pinterest’s algorithm never to be seen again, then at the very least – you can laugh at my expense. So, that’s something.

Captains log…

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