8 steps to writing your best blog post


You sit, toiling away in the fleeting hours of the night, sweat beading down your disgusting forehead as you try your hardest to make sure this blog post is the one, the very best that no one ever was.

Lately your readers have been less than loyal and more than likely, coming to my page. But then again, who doesn’t? You’re, here aren’t you?

Not to worry my young Padawan, the love doctor is in, and I got the potion that’s going to get people to love your blog. One sip of this stuff and you’ll be the master blogger you actually fancy yourself to be. That’s right! Now you’ll be able to travel across the land, searching far and wide for all of those followers you should have had by now. Teach them the power that’s inside your blog, because damn it, you gotta catch ‘em all.


hiking in the mountains

Me literally climbing mount blogomere, yes he let go.

Time…use it.


I mentioned before in an earlier post titled, “why I only post once a week” that posting less often and taking more time to write a post increases the potential success and consequently the level of engagements. This is why I don’t simply just write a blog post and publish it. Nope, I write a post, edit it and continue to edit it until it reads well and flows the exact way I want. This takes time and a lot of alcohol, so you should invest in that. (The alcohol I mean)

By the time Sunday rolls around my post should be close to how I want it, and even then, I’m looking at revising awkward sentences and trying to figure out ways to make things not only sound funnier, but actually help at the same time.

So, whilst my herd of followers (i.e. you two, actually three now, I’m growing fast!) might want me to post every two days, there is a secret that each post must go through before I can post it. Not the editing and correcting grammatical errors that I mentioned earlier. No, each post must go through a gauntlet of trials, testing its wit, intellect and wisdom and if it can pass those tests then it gains entry to the blogging elders. Perched atop Mount Blogomere resides three old men, that fancy themselves the oracles of the blogosphere. These old bastards, stare and mock every single one of my posts until its “good enough” to receive their blessing. So, if my post comes a day late now you know why.

Man, those guys are assholes.


My job is to open her eyes. Basic principles: no matter what, no matter when, no matter who… any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.

Stop worrying about stats


SEO this, Niche that…. look, just write your blog and have fun doing it. We get caught up with all of these metrics and numbers when none of that stuff should even matter. If you want to be a great blogger, then write blogs, I’m not saying the other stuff isn’t important, but do not compromise the brand of your blog by obsessing over other things.

Focus on writing high quality content an putting the time and effort required in sweeping your audience off their feet with your words. You want to woo them, sticking to the numbers can create scenarios that trap you within the fixings of blogging. Creating a truly great blog post doesn’t begin by playing it safe, its all about going against the grain and leaving the stats behind, although its nice to get a million views a day. (Still waiting here.)

Find your voice in your blog posts


Make sure its evergreen


Your content should leave a long lasting, potentially burning sensation in the minds of your readers – ok, maybe burning is a bit too far, but it should be memorable.

People create blogs for every reason under the sun, but if you are looking to have a very successful blog, you should create content that helps others in some way. I truly believe that if your intent is to guide other people you will be more successful, because everyone needs assistance at something and your masterful knowledge will create a bridge between their skill level and yours. I look at each blog post as an attempt at “beaming me up Scotty” – fun, futuristic and diverse.

Beyond that, each blog post, should be useable regardless of the date it is read. So, aspire to make posts that age well, like fine wine or Whitney Houston.

Her music you monster, I know she’s dead. Rest in peace.

keep your blog post short and sweet

I’m actually more of a snickers guy myself.


Keep your blog posts short and sweet


Listen, I understand that sometimes you can’t fit a post into a neat little box, lord knows I have written some essays on here, essays that could change the world if anyone would spend the days it would take to read my blog posts. That’s the thing, you want people to actually read your post, so keep it short and sweet, kind of like a chocolate bar. No – exactly like a chocolate bar.