The Chronicles of Pinterest: Creating the perfect pin

What is the perfect pin? Is it a pin that goes viral on Pinterest in a single bound? Or maybe it’s a pin that gets hundreds of engagements on that group board you have been trying to get off the ground. It’s something you have only heard through the web of the internet but have never seen. Is this pin real? Or is it just fantasy?

By now, I am sure you have heard the legends. The countless folktales yelled by bards all across the land, the mellifluous tunes that the buskers sang through the streets. The story of a pin so rich with metadata, that It only knew the front page of suggested pins. A pin so attractive, so breathtakingly viral, that all serious pinners destined for greatness acquiesced to its whim. This venerable pin would go down as the greatest pin of all time and consequently reinvent the “save” button on pintrest. Time magazine called it the “pinner of the year.” Pinterest has donned it the “kingpin.” And now google will no doubt purchase it, (if it hasn’t already.) And honestly, why wouldn’t they? Having the perfect pin is literally mana from the Pinterest gods and I say Pinterest gods because – well, what else could they be?

My tumultuous journey through the annals of Pinterest has brought me here, to the land of the omnipotent pin. At first glance, the hierarchy was very muddled and ambivalent, but through trials and sheer confusion, I have found that some pins are markedly more popular than others. These pins are more than just beacons of light that blaze a trail behind them, they are rare beasts that bathe in luminosity and infinite engagements. They are the very reason I set out to learn about Pinterest in the first place and why I shall record my findings here, in my scroll of Pinterest wisdom.

I’ve discovered that Pinterest is not just a mere game of pins, for each pin takes on a life of its own, seeking the fame that comes with being the perfect pin. But with every meteoric rise to fame, can bring with it a cataclysmic fall. And with every pin that reaches perfection, there lies an imitator in the wings, threatening to steal it all….

Forging the perfect pin

I shall smite thee with my URU hammer. By Odin’s bristling beard…..Which tickles by the way.

Learn how to Canva (Come on Vogue)

So how does one go about forging the perfect pin? You may be wondering if the pin simply chooses you when you are worthy, much like Thor’s Uru hammer. Yes, yes, now you to can now fly around the universe, twirling your metal to and fro. Nay, the perfect pin can and only will be created by the pinner (you.)

You will travel far and wide throughout the tumultuous code of the internet. Your wiles tested by the likes of millennials you have never even seen, until finally, you discover the place the holds the forge! That’s right, the only place that could possibly craft the pin to rule them all and forever bind them – the mythical land of Canva.

Canva is a place of beautifully prerendered templates for websites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, but more importantly, it holds the key to the perfect pin. It will take time and an endless pursuit of dedication (potentially thievery) in order to achieve proficiency in Canva, but once you do, anything is possible.

So, you see the endless templates, the beautiful pictures and seemingly perfect graphics and wonder to yourself… “Is it free?” Well, sort of.

If you get creative, or just flat-out steal some of the better premade Pinterest graphics, you can bypass the system, but that may get you thrown into the dungeons. In your quest to find the perfect pin, you will have to overcome great odds and this is one of them…..(here’s a tip, just screenshot it.)

Oh, uh, you didn’t hear that from me.

Through time you will learn to craft your own pin entirely from scratch, the app software is very intuitive and if you are creative your final product can look something like this…..

My advice is to find templates with a picture that suits your title and blog post, from there make sure to choose the right fonts. Some work and others don’t. Find out which ones go well together. Once you get used to that, you can import your own pictures and create your own graphics to mimic prerendered ones.

Bigger pins equal better

They lied to you, size does matter.

Remember – size really does matter.

Small titles with a ton of information will get little to no attention, you need large letters, long vertical pins that overshadow everyone else’s. In this case, bigger is not only better, bigger is completely necessary, hell – go big or seriously, go home. These other pinners are for real and if you are trying to play the hunger games of viral pins you will lose because you are not the beautiful and charming Katniss Everdeen, you – unfortunately, are Rue and you really need some help. So, go big people, gigantic if you have to, gargantuan if your fancy. Get plastic surgery if you have the money but go big, double D’s be damned.

You will find that the perfect pin is not only a seductive scarlet, but also hard to miss. So, when creating a pin, remember – it has to be vertical. I have seen pinners post very long banner sized pins before and guess what, they are the first thing to catch my eye, so make your pins long and make them stand out.

Bright colours are also a must, I normally go with pinks and blues, hard to miss colors are the best. People will be scrolling through millions of these pins and you want them to click on yours and unless your pin is the one true morty, that will not happen.

slightly feminine pins

All the single ladies

The perfect pin may be slightly feminine

Most people won’t tell you this, (and I’m not most people) but, 71% of Pinterest users are women, or at least pretend to be in their spare time. It really shouldn’t be that shocking considering that Pinterest is the land of recipes, soccer moms and wonderful hairstyles. So, before you try to create the perfect pin, just keep in mind that you will have to cater to that audience. When making my pins I always ask myself, “would a mom approve of this pin?” Mom’s stamp of approval is everything people.


Who is Anakin? Oh you mean Darth Vader….

Create titles that force your potential clickee to click.

Much like your blog posts, you need to entice the potential clicker to actually click on your pin. Look at this as an opportunity to sell your blog, or trick people into clicking. “Trick to click.”

I personally view it as free advertisement, so put on your best used car salesman hat and go to town. If you are wondering what sorts of titles I am talking about, here’s a few examples; “This one simple thing changed my fat loss journey.” Or, “5 ways how I shot the sheriff, but didn’t shoot the deputy,” and the best for last, “These are the droids you are looking for.” That one always gets a click or two.

The perfect pin. Pin lives matter

Especially the pins. We cannot forget about the pins.

Each Pin has a life

Not every pin was cut out to be the perfect pin. Some are just average, others are really good, but every pin matters. (#pinlivesmatter) When you create a pin, make sure to share it to group boards and repin a few times a day until it takes off, or until p

Pinterest decides to feature your pin, (which never happens.)

If you haven’t already, transition your personal account to a business one and utilize Pinterest analytics to see how each pin performs, that way you can see what works and what doesn’t.
Warning: This does not mean your pin will go viral over night. What this does mean is that you can increase pin performance and optimize the pins that do well.

Pray to the Pinterest gods

Maybe if you pin long enough and curry favor with the Pinterest gods, one day you will be rewarded with the perfect pin – or not. Most likely not.

Either way, keep pinning, keep praying and most importantly, keep reading my blog. Thanks, you three, you really keep the lights on at my house.

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