So, I had a child

That’s right,

I have gotten hundreds of messages saying things like, “Lion, did you die?” “Where’s the weekly post?” “Are you quitting the blogosphere?”

To that I say, “I actually didn’t receive any of those messages, but I realize there has been an APB out for me this last week because something magical has happened.

My wife gave birth to my child on May 27th 11:21am.

It was the most ineffable event I have experienced in my entire life. It was like she was a woman built of flames and she rose, burning with pyres and tenacious heat bursting from every seem until my daughter pacified her eternal fires and now there’s calm, there’s peace and jubilation.

I am in sheer awe of my wife and my love for her and my daughter are without limits.

As you may have assumed, my progress in blogging has been drastically halted. Between cleaning baby bottles, poopy butt holes and feedings, writing has slightly taken a hit in my priorities. Oh and then there is sleep…I am beyond sleep deprived, butΒ I am starting to get used to her sporadic sleep regimen. That or I am slowly transforming into a zombie.

I am sure I will write an entire post about this eventually, but for right now, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here and a new post (completely unrelated) will be dropping tomorrow.

so for now……

The Lion sleeps tonight.


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