5 reasons exercise is the best way to get rid of anxiety


So, you have anxiety for the millionth time and need to get rid of it. What if I told you that there was an easyfun and healthy way to do this? I know right? Sign me up! Anxiety sucks, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure it. Speaking of which, if you still do, be sure to check out all of my articles about anxiety and how I managed to get rid of it so that you can too.

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So, what is this magical, whimsical almost impossible sounding feat of humanity that can quell even the fires of Mordor burning in your chest?


Exercise has always been my favorite way to get rid of anxiety and it’s not even close. The feeling of pushing yourself to the limits makes me feel alive, the fact that it also mitigates anxiety is a huge plus. There is also the minuscule chance that you could transform into the terminator or, at the very least achieve a pump.

With most things, it would be an exaggeration to say that it can literally extend your life by doing it consistently, however, thanks to a maligned study done by some hack at Harvard we have undeniable proof that exercising in moderation can totally do that. And because science is an axiomatic field that we adhere too, I am inclined to agree.

If that’s not enough to bring you over to the dark side, then read on, I have some more benefits.

Get to tha choppa!

sex helps anxiety

I know, this is not you right now, but it could be. Ok I lied.

Sex counts

Sex counts as exercise, right? I mean, your heart skips a beat and you end up getting a sweat on – I’m saying yes.

I’m not sure there is much more I need to say here. Sex is fun, it’s an exercise and boy, who doesn’t like another person’s hot body on top of them pushing them closer and closer to an inevitable climax. Then again, I suppose there are some sweaty bodies that no one wants on top of them and now I am sure you are picturing a very unattractive man with breasts bigger than your own….I’m so sorry.

If you happen to have a significant other and can convince them to have sex with you, then anxiety be gone! If not, or if you don’t have a partner to do said act with, then you might be “shorthanded.”

Get it? Because you have to use your….you know what forget it.

better faster stonger

Not sure if we are robotic humans or human robots….

Stronger, Faster, Better

Not only are you getting rid of anxiety, you are getting better emotionally, physically and mentally!

Physically, you are healthier, you look better and now you can run a mile without dying (never mind.) At least you look good right?

Exercise builds mental discipline and hopefully (likely not) that will spill over into you regular life and make you a more productive person and a better human over all. At least, until Netflix withdrawals strike.

Emotionally, you feel more confident, clothes fit you in all the right places (if you wear any) and now your Instagram game just went through the roof as your profile now contains an endless stream of instructional videos (with little to no clothes) gym selfies (with little to no clothes) and non-gym selfies with little to no gym apparel on.

breathe with anxiety

What my farts must smell like.

You cannot focus on your anxiety when you need to breathe

If you are looking for an immediate relief for anxiety, exercise is king because it is extremely difficult to focus on anxiety when you need to breathe. And while I don’t plan on detailing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to you here, breathing is pretty essential to staying alive. Because of that, the function of breathing overrides the feelings of anxiety due to needing to focus on each breath because of your evolutionary survival instincts and well — science.