You are already successful

You read the title right, you are already a success. Success isn’t found after magically making your millionth dollar or navigating the corporate ladder for 15 years. It isn’t found after finding the love of your life or having your 3rd child. And no, it isn’t found when you discover the exact train cab that takes you to Hogwarts. It’s all of it, or it might be none of it. It’s all in the state of your beautiful mind. Maybe your greatest accomplishment might not seem incredible to other people, but there is only one person on this earth that you truly need to be proud of, and that’s yourself. So be proud of yourself. Gosh, you’re already ugly, you can at least do that – right?

Part of me still cringes when my parents tell me that they are proud of me. I mean, I am their only child so of course they “have” to be proud of me. Then I go onto the cancerous social media and begin to compare myself to sheer perfection day after day. No, you don’t have to measure up to other people’s idea of success. Measure up to your own!

You beat out millions of other sperm to arrive here, you were the best sperm of them all and although you totally live out of your mom’s basement you should be proud of who you are.

Focus on important things, like being a good person and following your passions. Walk old ladies across the street, stop and talk to those strangers. You can help the world one person at a time, anyone can.

Society has painted a picture that success means money, power, beauty and control. So, if you are not Elon Musk of Tesla, then you are doing it wrong. I dare you to look back at your life and find one thing that you can say “wow, I did that.” Everybody has one. (Mine pictured below)

shredded black guy with dreads wbff fitness competition

Miss this guy.

You overcame great odds to accomplish that thing. Now, do it again. And again, and again. You still have time, (even if you are sixty)

If your biggest accomplishment to this point is getting your pants on the right way, or getting another person to touch you, that’s fine too! If not, then—hey, you are still special to me. You read this after all.


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