12 reasons you need to start your blog on WordPress

Right now, you’re a prospective blogger who gets off on the “idea” of potentially starting a blog, but you don’t know how, where, or what you are going to write about. The allure of the blogging dark side is slowly sucking you in, but where do you begin? Should you start your blog on WordPress? Maybe you’re thinking about stumbling into Tumblr. Hell, everyone has a friend who knows someone on Blogger. With countless platforms and thousands of articles telling you the best place to blog, how is one supposed to find their way in this harsh cruel blogosphere?

The answer is….to start your blog on WordPress of course. Come on, you read the title.

Starting your blog on WordPress may be the best decision you could possibly make, especially when it comes to beginner bloggers and idiots alike. (Myself included.) That’s right, your first step into blogging infamy begins with this first integral decision. Much like choosing your Pokémon. Or, less important – your wife/husband/partner.

First off…just know that WordPress is not sponsoring me. “Clears throat.” Indeed, I am doing this of my own volition, because I know that if I had started my blog anywhere else, no one would have even seen it.

That’s right, after 10 months and nearly 6000 followers, I can safely say that if I had gone anywhere else, my blog would have died quicker than Firefly. (Too soon, I’m sorry.)

start your blog on wordpress because of its base

No Treble

It already has a huge user base.

Most blogs fail because they never see any traction, but with WordPress you are put into a comfortable safety net where the big blogging baddies and the newbs alike exist. Touting over 30% of all websites on the internet, WordPress is clearly and far away the biggest place to blog. Beyond that, the community is honest, kind, intelligent and very helpful. Why not start your blog on WordPress?

Because of its massive user base, not only does Megan Trainer’s song become relevant. (Because it really is all about that base)….But more importantly, if you start your blog on WordPress, there are millions of people you can see your website at a moments notice. You want exposure? Well here’s your chance.

Start your blog on WordPress because its turnkey

This…….seems too easy.


Although you were initially enthralled by the idea of getting your blog started, your excitement has begun to wane. The more you research, the more you realise you have no idea what this hosting thing is about. SEO, Keywords, SSL encryption and things like organic traffic or evergreen content are buzzwords that mean nothing to you and frankly, why should they?

This is the world of blogging. Vague, enigmatic terms rule the landscape, so prepare to be very confused or you could do something different. Start your blog on WordPress!

When you start your blog on WordPress, you essentially can live in a bubble without paying much attention to the outside world. Never a care, never a worry. With WordPress, you can just focus on writing and let all those other things handle themselves. You know, like how Batman handles Gotham and all the other psychopaths that got out of the Arkham asylum.

Remember, you are here to write, nothing more, nothing less. So, start your blog on WordPress and get writing already. If you’d like, WordPress will hold your little dainty hands all the way to your first day of school. It’s going to be ok bubble boy. It really is.


Start your blog on WordPress.org or WordPress.com

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — err (And start your blog on WordPress) the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill— err (start your blog on WordPress) you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more. – Morpheus. (I know, he really said that.)

Whether it’s .org or .com, if you start your blog on WordPress, you can grow in tandem with your website. .Org gives you full autonomy to find hosting, plugins and advertising in order to try to make as much money as possible. I say “try” because, that rarely happens. For everyone else, .com is the way to go. Not only do you not have to find hosting, but your website is secure and protected under the WordPress umbrella. And if you pay attention to the guidelines, you can be successful and create a good following. If you like spending pretty pennies, you can get the best of both worlds and get a business account which gives you the protection of WordPress with all of the security features, plugins and premium themes, but all of the autonomy to earn money, run a marketplace and do some other pretty amazing things.