Happy Blogiversary…to me.

Four score and seven years ago, this Lion embarked upon an idea. A mere notion to write words and pray that those who could benefit from those words would read them. And by god, it worked. Months later, I had my first follower and another, and thankfully another. The next thing I knew I had 3, 4 and hoo boy when that tenth follower joined, I knew then. I had become Legion!

It was at that very moment that I decided to call my followers “the pride,” yes, I am that cool. You see, I love each one of you. Especially those who take the time to comment or even click like on a post. You have no idea how happy that can make a young lion.

After one full year I have amassed nearly 6 thousand followers. Six. Thousand. I basically have an army guys, an army. Who are we invading next? I would love to know.

This blog has been a blessing. I am happy to write and know that I have helped others in a meaningful way, but more importantly, it’s been a treasure trove of excitement getting to know some of you.

With that, I hope you all stick around for the future of this website as I delve into the depths of impossibility. I.e. posting more frequently with a child and trying to make money and write books.

Either way, this time next year I plan to have reached a bunch of other goals, like ruling planet earth among other things.

I also would like to highlight a few of my best performing posts (hopefully that means they were good) that have undoubtedly made this journey even more amazing.

How I cured my Anxiety  Why no one is reading your blog – Part 1

Once again, thanks for your readership.

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