Your real life resides in your imagination

Dreamers get a lot of flack, believing in things we cannot physically see or touch, yet our vision is so powerful, and so clear, that not only can we picture our dream, we speak about these grand ideas with a passion and vigor, as if we were among the great philosophers of our time.

Achieving a dream is a bit like pulling off a magic trick. You cast an idea within your mind and slowly pull it from the veil, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality.

The world teaches you not to dream, to work hard and keep your head down. But without those who have their heads in the clouds we would never move forward. Without Benjamin Franklin and his frayed hair, we wouldn’t have electricity or a TV or hell, Netflix! Without the Wright brother’s we wouldn’t be able to fly and aimlessly loose our luggage in exotic destinations across the globe. You see, it’s the dreamers that shape this world.  So, dream, dream your little head off toots and maybe one day you too can be the creator of someone’s untimely misfortune.

You need to have a vision, you need to be able to see your goal and realize it.

Whatever dream you may have – go for it. That thing needling you in your mind again and again, flicking the match before it burns. That. That is the real you, your authentic self. Not the version of you that flips burgers at burger king.

Your dream about being a Rockstar and playing in front of millions, or acting opposite Leonardo Dicaprio, or dunking on Lebron James, those are not merely folly or wastes of time, those dreams are something to aspire too. So, I don’t want to hear about you quitting because “its too hard” or “having money is nice.” Hold on to your dreams and that wistful childhood imagination because friends, that is where your real life resides.

Now, go get it.

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