New year, new me

On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me……a completely made up day and a Nerdy Lion in a pear tree!

Happy holidays everyone.

I’m sure by now, along with the rest of humanity, you too are wiping the tears of sorrow from your eyes, watching as your cruel reality hits you like a sack of bricks in the face. Yes, your wonderful vacation full of pajama onesies and Harry Potter marathons are at an end. 

Pretty soon you’ll be back in class falling asleep to the mellifluous tune of your professors’ words, or at work – you know, pretending to work. 

Either way, the new year is upon us and as it always seems to come fully equipped with an endless supply of gym memberships and the venerable “new years resolution”.

From the dawn of time people have made resolutions in hopes that they could change themselves and improve for the better. Even during the Stone Age, homo erectus would carve images of him and herself with less hair a more desirable physique and a nice butt.

And while I think the turn of a year and the tick of the clock can act as great motivators, waiting for a superficial time-frame can hold you back.

Don’t wait until next week to eat healthier, start now. Stop waiting until your finances are  finally in order, start your business now. Waiting is wasting time. Time is the most valuable commodity that humanity revels in, yet we throw it away aimlessly waiting for the perfect moment. Perfection simply doesn’t exist, so seize every second you have on this earth and make a change for the better right now. 

If you make a step toward your goal every single day, eventually you will get there, so don’t  wait until next year. Do it now. Proclaim your greatness and set out to do it. “Just do it.”

-Nike/Shia Lebouf.

Have a great 2019 and with that said, I swear I’ll post more this year. I’ve been a naughty Lion.


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