Losing My Job = More Nerdy Posts

Hey guys,

I know I have been gone for quite sometime, however, do to some favorable or unfavorable circumstances, (depending on how much you love me.) I will have time to write my blog again, and here’s the kicker, I will actually post.

You see, the great news is, I had a lot of ideas twirling around in my brain and even more in the works, but due to the baby, work, and my wife, I just simply didn’t have the time to put the sparkle, the ol’ nerdy charm on these posts. In good conscience, I couldn’t click publish. But no longer! I have time to add the sheen each post requires and I am ready to knock, not only your socks off, but hopefully your pants and shirt too.

That’s right baby,

I’m back like Tiger on second nine this Sunday with a chance to win – wearing red of course. Just that, instead of a wily tiger, I’m a nerdy lion. Ok, I get it, they are not the same thing, but I still get points for being a big cat though!

And sure, maybe 11 years is a bit longer than three months, but it felt the same, trust me.

Also, congrats Tiger!

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